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Feeding Impulses That Harm People

October 24, 2021 — Two stories about very different industries – one very old and one very new – are demanding our attention right now. The new industry is social media. For weeks now, a litany of stories has made it plain that Facebook has made some bad choices to protect their profits while causing harm. The old industry […]

Is Facebook Promoting Self-Stigma?

September 17, 2021 — For some time, it’s been clear to mental health professionals that social media could be a problem for teens. Facebook, which owns Instagram, has long minimized the issue. But reporting this week from the Wall Street Journal tells suggests that Facebook knows from its own research that Instagram promotes self-stigma for teenage girls. Slides from […]

RIP Feeling Fat Emoji

March 11, 2015 — He had a cute face, but we won’t miss him. After a petition gathered more than 16,000 signatures, Facebook has reversed itself and removed the feeling fat emoji. Now, if you search through the drop down box to describe how you’re feeling when you post something on Facebook, “feeling fat” is no longer an option. […]