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Obesity at the Intersection of Stress and Rewards

December 31, 2014 — Some of the explanation for sharply higher obesity rates may lie at a bad intersection:  the corner of stress and rewards in the form of fatty, sugary foods. Neuroscience research is drawing an increasingly clear picture of the relationship between highly-rewarding food and the biological response to stress. A vicious cycle presented well by Margaret Morris and colleagues […]

Huh? Survey Says Sugar Is More Dangerous Than Marijuana

March 15, 2014 — Sugar is more dangerous than marijuana, says the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey of American public opinion. For this news we can thank two political agendas spinning together to create misperceptions on a colossal scale. Who needs pesky facts and evidence? Seriously, this news might give you a reason to think twice about the […]

Move Over Healthy Obesity, Here Comes Skinny Fat

March 13, 2014 — “Skinny fat” is the latest expression of dissatisfaction with using of BMI, weight, or appearance to judge a person’s health status. People with a supposedly healthy BMI can have visceral fat causing significant metabolic disease. The scientific term for this concept is normal weight obesity — excess adipose tissue in people with a BMI in […]