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Who Gets and Fills Prescriptions for Obesity Medicines?

January 31, 2024 — Obesity is the most prevalent chronic disease in America, so you might think that prescriptions for obesity medicines are relatively common – but only if you are unfamiliar with prevailing attitudes about these medicines. Because in fact, even in a large health system known for excellent care in cardiometabolic health, these prescriptions are rather rare. […]

An Issue of Disparities Embedded in the SELECT Trial

August 13, 2023 — Subtly buried in the excitement about results of the SELECT trial is an issue of disparities. The fact is that this is largely a study of White males. Less than four percent of persons in this study were Black, ten percent were Hispanic, and 76 percent were non-Hispanic White. Males comprised 72 percent of the […]

Ways of Paying for Innovation in Obesity Care

May 4, 2023 — How can we possibly afford paying for all of the innovation that’s coming in obesity care? This is hardly an academic question. It’s a practical one that flickers in the minds of policymakers who balk at finding ways to make effective treatment for obesity more accessible to the people with great medical needs for it. […]

The One Percent of Healthcare

September 14, 2013 — The one percent of healthcare is the group of patients who account for 21% of total healthcare expenditures even though they are only one percent of the patients in the system. The data come from the 2010 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). The analysis is from Statistical Brief #421 […]

Healthcare Disparities Widening

February 14, 2013 — Physicians and other providers have known for some time about healthcare disparities. In a recent editorial, the American Medical Association (AMA) president, Jeremy A. Lazarus, forcefully states that it is well beyond time that these inequalities are eliminated. The latest National Healthcare Disparities Report examines the existing disparities in healthcare delivery related to racial and […]