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Who’s Hungry?

May 3, 2014 — Who’s hungry? In America, it’s more people than you might think. In Mississippi — the state most affected by hunger — one in four households (24.5%) report food hardship. In 30 states, at least one in six households report food hardships. And in the least hungry state in America — North Dakota — the number is one […]

The Scarcity Response Linking Poverty, Hunger, and Obesity

September 29, 2013 — How can it be that Mexico has now achieved the dubious distinction of the world’s highest obesity rates for a large country, even as much of the country goes hungry? Competing cults are quick to explain this as a failure of either personal responsibility or social justice. The human response to scarcity might offer a more objective […]

Hunger at the Root of Obesity

March 26, 2013 — Many articles and studies attempt to explain the rapid increase in obesity in this country. Of the many reasons given for the rise in obesity rates, hunger is rarely if ever mentioned. Yet Randy Oostra, president and CEO of ProMedica, one of the Midwest’s largest medical insurers, claimed just that in a presentation to a […]