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Hypothetical Food Labeling, Hypothetical Effects

December 13, 2019 — Food labeling is quite an attractive tool for preventing obesity. Let’s help people make good, informed choices! That’s the commendable thinking behind this approach. This week, a special variant on food labeling is getting a lot of attention in the media. It’s called PACE – physical activity calorie equivalent – labeling. England’s Royal Society of […]

3 Big Changes in Food Labels Announced Today

February 27, 2014 — Three proposed big changes in food labels are coming out into public view today — the first significant changes in over 20 years to the nutrition facts label. Nutrition advocates are generally thrilled. The food industry is reacting with polite restraint. Calories go big. The calories per serving number leaps off the proposed label. It’s […]

Salt Labeling: Confusingly Helpful

April 22, 2013 — Labeling food to guide consumers to healthier choices is a tricky business. Ask Campbell’s, which had to execute a messy u-turn in 2011. Sales slumped when they went too far in reducing salt content for some of their soups and low-sodium claims backfired. A new study, though, suggests that deftly-executed salt labeling can help guide […]