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NEDA, BEDA, and Monica Seles

February 6, 2015 — The first drug treatment ever for binge eating disorder (BED) was just approved by FDA a week ago and already we have NEDA, BEDA, and Monica Seles teaming up with the maker of that drug, Shire plc, on a disease awareness program for BED. Compared to many disease awareness campaigns, this one definitely has merit. Binge […]

First Drug for Binge Eating Disorder May Be Near Approval

January 27, 2015 — The first drug for binge eating disorder may be nearing approval at FDA. Shire’s application for lisdexamfetamine (brand name Vyvanse®) for the treatment of binge eating disorder was accepted at the end of September, which means that the FDA is due to rule on their application by February 1. FDA granted a priority review for […]