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Can Money Prompt Weight Loss? Should It?

June 18, 2024 — In JAMA Pediatrics yesterday, a new RCT tells us that promising money to adolescents with severe obesity can prompt weight loss with meal replacements. Every teen in this study received free pre-portioned and calorie-controlled meals. But half of them received a $20 gift card for every 0.5% they lost from their body weight at the […]

Headlines vs Science: Calorie Restriction and Diabetes

November 22, 2021 — The PR for a new analysis of dietary strategies for weight management in diabetes certainly is an attention grabber. The only trouble is that the headlines don’t line up with the science and real world outcomes in diabetes. The press release says: Low energy diets and meal replacements appear best for kicking diabetes But in […]

Shaking Diabetes into Remission

March 7, 2019 — Professor Roy Taylor has a passion for shaking diabetes into remission. Two year results are in for the DiRECT trial of an intensive weight management program using meal replacement shakes. The goal is to put type 2 diabetes into remission. The program met the goal in 36 percent of patients after two years. Thus, we […]