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Oxymoronic Healthy Eating with Ultra-Processed Foods

July 13, 2023 — A new study in the Journal of Nutrition reports that people can eat 91 per cent of their calories from ultra-processed foods and still be eating a pretty healthy diet. Hold Onto Your Socks This is not opposites day. Rather, it might be that the we are living in a time of peak demonization of […]

Compelled to Assign Moral Responsibility for Obesity

July 6, 2023 — “Whose fault is obesity? Most of the blame rests with one culprit.”  In the Washington Post, Tamar Haspel perfectly captures the overwhelming compulsion to assign moral responsibility for obesity. She espouses a popular view: “The lion’s share – I’ll go with 61 percent (and, yes, of course I’m totally making this up to give some […]