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Digging into Body Composition with Obesity Treatment at EASD

October 4, 2023 — People have “lots of interest” in the effects of GLP-1 treatment for obesity on body composition, reports endocrinologist Daniel Drucker from EASD in Hamburg. Judging from clickbait headlines about semaglutide, we suspect public interest in this question is strong as well. So that makes data presented at EASD from the SURPASS study on muscle composition […]

The Blinding Distraction of BMI and Weight Loss in Obesity

July 20, 2023 — Obesity care is suffering from a blinding distraction – BMI and weight loss. It’s not hard to find critiques of this. The American Medical Association recently cautioned physicians against the misuse of BMI as a surrogate for health and obesity. PLOS One has a new paper telling us BMI may not necessarily increase mortality independently […]

Tantalizing: Bimagrumab, Obesity, and Body Composition

January 6, 2020 — It was a stunning and unique result that seemed to come out of nowhere at ObesityWeek late last year. A new drug, bimagrumab, yielded a 21 percent reduction in fat mass after 48 weeks. But lean body mass went up by 3.6 percent. This result is distinctly different from what usually happens in obesity treatment. […]