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Obesity Professionals Speak Out on Disabilities

January 28, 2015 — About a month ago, the highest court of the European Union touched off a fierce debate about the relationship between obesity and disabilities. Today, all of the major organizations with expertise in obesity have stepped forward to clear up some of the silliness that came out of that debate. The Obesity Society, the Obesity Action Coalition, […]

House Democrats Call for Changes in Wellness Program Regs

January 29, 2013 — Whether by coincidence or persuasion, the news is good that leading House Democrats are calling for some of the same changes to employer wellness regulations as leading obesity policy advocates sought in comments submitted last week. The Hill reports that the request came in a letter from top Democrats on all three House committees with […]

Obesity Experts Call for Fairness in Wellness

January 29, 2013 — A broad group of health and obesity policy advocates joined to call for wellness programs that actually promote health, rather than discriminate against people affected by obesity, when they jointly submitted comments last week on implementation of wellness provisions in the Affordable Care Act. The group included The Obesity Society, the Yale Rudd Center for […]

Time for a Treat Obesity Caucus

November 3, 2012 — November 6, 2012 — In October, The Obesity Society began laying the groundwork for a caucus focused on obesity by reaching out to every senate office. Caucuses are groups of congressional members who band together to advocate or vote for shared policy interests. Caucuses have been established for a wide range of health issues including […]

Obesity Experts Urge Sibelius to Treat Obesity Seriously in Health Plans

October 29, 2012 — The Obesity Society, the Obesity Action Coalition, and several other highly respected clinical obesity and nutrition groups submitted a joint comment letter to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) regarding federal oversight of state benchmark health plan selections. In the next few months, as a provision of the health care reform law, HHS […]

TOS Leads Obesity Community in Reaching Out to Key Policymakers

January 20, 2011 — TOS President-Elect Patrick O’Neil, Advocacy Task Force Chair Ted Kyle, and Executive Director Francesca Dea joined with other leaders from obesity organizations (Obesity Action Coalition (OAC), American Dietetic Association (ADA), and American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS)) in meeting with Congressional staff for Republican Members of Congress who now have leadership roles on […]