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Why Orexigen Crashed and Novo Nordisk Soars

March 13, 2018 — It’s a tale of two obesity drug makers. One – Orexigen – filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday. Orexigen markets Contrave, a combination drug made from bupropion and naltrexone. The other company – Novo Nordisk – is building upon the early success of its obesity drug, Saxenda (liraglutide 3mg). Why are the fortunes of these two companies so […]

Confusion and Progress in Obesity Care

April 15, 2016 — Ample confusion and progress can be found right now in the work of developing and delivering new medications for obesity care. Though we have some good options for treating obesity, we have a tremendous gap of unmet need between the extremes of behavioral therapy and surgical treatments for obesity. Though four new obesity meds have […]

Contrave Goes Back to Orexigen

March 16, 2016 — Contrave, a combination of bupropion and naltrexone, will be going back to Orexigen, which is the small biotech company that developed it as a treatment for obesity. Takeda, which launched the drug less than two years ago under a licensing agreement with Orexigen, announced Tuesday that it had decided to give up the marketing rights for Contrave in the […]

Getting a Handle on Better Obesity Care

November 3, 2015 — It’s a little hard to tell if we’re making progress toward better obesity care. Maybe that’s why it’s important to start a conversation about obesity care with National Obesity Care Week. It’s not like we’re lacking for headlines about obesity. You can find lots of talk about obesity everywhere you turn. The problem is that all […]

Orexigen: Hurry Up and Wait

June 11, 2014 — Orexigen and the rest of the world have been poised for action by the FDA today to approve the drug formerly known as Contrave, a combination of bupropion and naltrexone, for the treatment of obesity. Today, June 11, was the date that FDA was required to render judgement on their resubmitted application, based upon new […]

Green Light for Contrave

November 25, 2013 — Orexigen announced today that good cardiovascular safety results for Contrave in the ongoing Light Study of cardiovascular outcomes will enable them to resubmit their product to FDA within a few weeks for approval as early as June, 2014. Contrave is a product for treating obesity that combines two older drugs — naltrexone and buproprion — in […]