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Alexa, Am I Too Fat? Amazon Wants to Help

August 28, 2020 — Are we ready for our Alexa smart speaker to tell us exactly how much body fat we have? Just in case we are, Amazon has some new technology to take us in that direction. It’s called Halo. Now for only $65 (discounted from a list price $99.99) we can get a smart band, an app, […]

Pedometers Plus: A Physical Activity Boost for Years

March 18, 2018 — Sometimes simple things can have lasting effects. A new study in PLOS Medicine points to an excellent example. The subject is a 12-week walking program with pedometers. Follow-up on two different randomized controlled studies show real increases in physical activity three to four years after the program. More Than Just the Gizmos The story behind […]

Fitness Trackers: High Tech Placebos or Coaches?

March 25, 2016 — It’s hard to tell whether fitness trackers will turn out to be high tech placebos or coaches. Everything you read talks about promise and short-term outcomes — along with tech companies jostling for a competitive advantage. It’s pretty clear that physical activity monitoring technology offers plenty of promise and plenty of unfinished business. A research letter published […]

Steps That Count to Keep Weight Off

March 11, 2014 — Finding the steps that count for keeping excess weight off have been depressingly elusive. Anyone who has struggled with obesity can tell you that they’ve lost hundreds of pounds over the years, only to see them come back later. They’ll tell you that the real challenge for defeating obesity is to find a strategy for […]