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How Trustworthy Is a Doctor Who Judges You?

July 13, 2014 — A trustworthy doctor, in the eyes of someone with obesity, is likely to be one who will not judge them based upon their weight. This finding from researchers at Johns Hopkins builds further understanding of how weight bias — all too common in healthcare providers — erodes the likelihood of good clinical outcomes for people […]

10 Notes: Race, Gender, Weight, and Healthcare Experiences

December 15, 2013 — Healthcare experiences vary widely. Variances in the quality of care based on gender, race, and weight status have been reported, but a deep understanding of what’s driving these variations is a challenge. Rebecca Puhl, Kimberly Gudzune, and others have published good studies of the effects that stigmatizing experiences in healthcare have upon patients with obesity. […]

Obesity in the Emergency Department

May 27, 2013 — The emergency department is where two broken pieces of healthcare meet: obesity and poor access to care. Two recent studies illustrate the results of a phenomenon that weight bias researchers have documented for some time. People with obesity face an attitude from some healthcare professionals that verges on contempt. As a result, they avoid seeking […]