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The Wellness Scam Impervious to Facts

June 19, 2021 — A special kind of wellness woo as taken root in HR departments all over the world. Corporate wellness is a $53 billion industry selling an appealing narrative. Acme Widgets can cut its health costs and boost productivity if it nudges employees to adopt healthy habits. Healthy lifestyles will save us from illness, right? So businesses […]

Employers Investing in Health and Wellness

June 25, 2016 — At the 8th Annual Obesity Treatment and Prevention Conference in Philadelphia this week, Eileen  Seeholzer described employers investing in the health and wellness of their workforces with integrity. She was quick to express concerns about the ethics and effectiveness of narrowly-focused programs with financial penalties and incentives based on BMI. But she moved on to say: […]

Less Smoking + More Obesity = Lost Productivity

May 11, 2014 — Lost productivity is the net result of a workplace with less smoking and more obesity, according to a new study of company health examination records for more than 5,000 Shell Oil Company employees over three decades. The investigators observed a stark contrast between effective interventions to reduce smoking prevalence among employees compared to an apparent of […]