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One, Two, Three: Multi-Agonists for Obesity at EASD 2023

October 3, 2023 — It’s enough to make our heads spin. The incredible vibrancy in obesity research is on full display at the meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes – EASD 2023 in Hamburg. Today, it starts with a bang. Successive presentations on multi-agonists for obesity are scheduled this afternoon at EASD. But the abstracts […]

ADA2023: An Amazing 3-in-1 Obesity Medicine

June 27, 2023 — The last of four big days at ADA2023 brought us astonishing results from three studies of a new obesity medicine, retatrutide. This is the first 3-in-1 metabolic receptor agonist to advance this far in clinical trials as a medicine for obesity or diabetes. Researchers presented phase 2 results for obesity, diabetes, and NAFLD – three […]