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Inspiring Hope Without Lying to Ourselves and Others

December 19, 2021 — Our roller coaster ride is not over. Not by a long shot. Back in July, optimism about putting the COVID pandemic behind us was high. A record number of people told Gallup they felt they were thriving. The swing from a 12-year low was remarkable. But now it seems a more truthful assessment is that […]

The Intersection of Wellness and Conspirituality

September 27, 2020 — The coronavirus pandemic has brought many surprising developments. Who knew that face masks could become a weird type of political brand? But even odder is the intersection of wellness, conspiracy theories, and new age spirituality – or conspirituality. You thought QAnon was a alt-right thing? Well, it’s time to catch up with current events. QAnon […]

Embracing Life While Also Facing Mortality

April 12, 2020 — Most of us are feeling a bit anxious these days. The ironic notion that life is a sexually transmitted condition with 100 percent mortality is a little too close for comfort. Yet somehow, we put it together with spring and find an imperative for embracing life. This is, after all, a season of renewal. Pandemic […]

Embracing the Gift of Life and Living Healthfully

January 1, 2019 — Popular culture all over the world spells it out. We should aspire to live a healthy lifestyle. And we surely do. In the spirit of living healthfully, gym memberships will soar with the beginning of the new year. Roughly half of us will resolve to lose weight or improve our fitness. It’s a big business. […]

The Way, the Truth, and the Perfect Diet

February 8, 2017 — Pew Research tells us that the public is becoming more spiritual at the same time that we are drifting away from organized religion. So people are seeking spirituality in other ways. Coming to terms with life and death has always been a focus of religion. And so it is that vaguely spiritual concepts of clean […]

Health and Fitness in Place of Religion

November 29, 2015 — Growing numbers of people find spiritual support in groups formed around philosophies of personal health and fitness, rather than religion. That’s a finding from a study by two Harvard Divinity School students. Looking for places where religiously unaffiliated millennials find spiritual community, two of the places they focused upon are commercial health and fitness franchises that met their criteria: SoulCycle […]

What Exactly Is Clean Eating?

May 31, 2015 — Whatever clean eating is, it must be good. Katy Perry, Gwyneth Paltrow, and a host of other celebrities are totally into it. You can even have your very own magazine if you’re totally into it, too! Presenting at the 2015 Congress of the Humanities & Social Sciences in Ottawa this week, Professor Gillian McCann says she […]