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Marginalizing People with the Greatest Need for Obesity Care

June 3, 2024 — The STOP Obesity Alliance released new data Friday from an exhaustive analysis of access to obesity medicines in Medicaid programs across the United States. It’s not a pretty picture. It gives us more data to show how we are marginalizing people with the greatest need for obesity care. No state fully covered all forms of […]

Obesity Care: A Roadmap for Employers

January 3, 2024 — One of the big trends for this year will be increasing access to obesity care. That means more and more employers will be adding obesity care to the their health benefit plans. Yes, there will be much squawking about the list price for advanced obesity medicines. That’s perfectly normal and good. But the fact is […]

Waiting to Close the Gap in Primary Care of Obesity

November 24, 2020 — We are waiting, but we should not. A tremendous gap in care for obesity stands open. It is the gap between primary care for obesity that people need and an uncomfortable silence that persists – at best. Because right now, if the silence is broken, most often patients receive only vague advice to lose weight. […]

Take 5: Join Us in Supporting National Obesity Care Week

October 12, 2017 — We are in the tenth year of a voyage at ConscienHealth. We’re following the lead of people seeking and finding better ways to care for people bearing the burden of obesity. So we advocate for an end to weight bias and discrimination. And we lift up evidence-based approaches to this chronic, progressive disease. National Obesity […]

How-To: Conversations about Childhood Obesity

August 27, 2013 — While others are debating uncomfortable conversations about childhood obesity, the STOP Obesity Alliance has been quietly working with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation to provide outstanding resources for talking about health and weight with your children. Their guide embodies a matter-of-fact approach to talking about weight, health, and the ignorant weight bias that children […]

U.S. Fails on Measuring Obesity Prevention

August 5, 2013 — The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has just issued an unusually blunt assessment of the U.S. failure on measuring obesity prevention efforts. Right up front, the report identifies a gap between the substantial investment in prevention and in evaluating the fruit of those efforts, saying: The nation still lags behind international efforts in providing the leadership, […]

Boy Scouts Ban Obesity from Their Jamboree

July 17, 2013 — At their quadrennial jamboree, the Boy Scouts banned obesity this year. Saying they designed this year’s event to be too physically demanding for boys with obesity, they published guidelines saying that no one with a BMI above 40 would be allowed to participate. Those with a BMI between 32 and 40 are subject to approval […]

Advocates “Fan the Flames” of Progress at Obesity Society Forum

September 21, 2012 — Citing programs such as breast feeding education, salads to schools, menu labeling and procurement, and the new obesity management certification for physicians, a panel of experts at the Obesity Society’s Advocacy Forum today in San Antonio agreed scientists are making progress both in the use of evidence to drive obesity policy and in tackling obesity […]

Patient Advocates Warn Against Penalties in Wellness Programs

February 24, 2011 — A wide range of patient and consumer advocates came together to urge the secretaries of HHS, Labor, and the Treasury to protect patients against discrimination in employer wellness programs.  Health reform legislation allows employers to offer incentives in wellness programs that could range up to 50% of the cost of health care coverage. Ted Kyle, […]

Weighty Matters, A First-Ever Program with the National Eating Disorder Association and STOP Obesity Alliance

April 2, 2010 — Pace University, New York, NY. The “Weighty Matters” roundtable was a first ever collaboration between the National Eating Disorders Association and STOP Obesity Alliance. The program panel, which consisted of experts and leaders from the media, communications, eating disorder and obesity fields, addressed current perception, dialogue and images in media and entertainment which may be […]