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Racism and Obesity: Where Does the Problem Lie?

March 8, 2021 — The overlap between systemic racism and obesity is unmistakable. Obesity is a condition that burdens the health of Black, Hispanic and Indigenous people more than others. It is a key factor that has made these communities more susceptible to severe symptoms and death from COVID-19. A new paper in the Journal of Internal Medicine offers […]

Discrimination May Be Hazardous​ to Your Health

June 13, 2017 — Discrimination in many different forms seems to be an imminent health hazard. Experiencing race, gender, or weight discrimination carries risk for poor health outcomes. A growing body of evidence links chronic exposure to discrimination with stress, inflammation, sleep disturbance, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer risks. Nothing New W.E.B Du Bois concluded in 1906 “that the Negro […]

Toxic Stress Fueling the Obesity Epidemic

June 9, 2016 — Behind the epidemic rates of obesity, mostly hidden from view, lies an epidemic of toxic stress. At the National Academies Roundtable on Obesity Solutions on Wednesday, Bill Dietz led a tour de force of presentations that described the problem with impressive clarity. In people with adverse childhood experiences — such as exposure to abuse, violence, or neglect […]