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Diving into a Culture of Trauma

February 6, 2022 — Is trauma losing its meaning? It seems that accounts of trauma are filling the news. Death and suffering in more than two years of a global pandemic has certainly been traumatic. So too is the toll of gun violence. With the return to more normal school operations, school shootings are once again popping up in […]

An Inheritance of Trauma

December 12, 2018 — Epigenetics seems to be growing up and facing the inevitable questions that come to a maturing science. A new study of trauma experienced by POWs in the Civil War adds to the evidence that sons (perhaps even grandsons) can inherit the physical effects of that trauma. So naturally, people are asking hard questions about these […]

Trauma, Abuse, and Obesity

September 4, 2014 — Two recent publications draw our attention to the need for a more complete understanding of the mechanisms that link trauma, abuse, and obesity. In an analysis of 23 studies of 112,708 subjects, Erik Hemmingsson and colleagues found an increased risk of obesity in adulthood for people who experienced abuse in childhood. The overall increase was 34%, […]