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Fast Food and Obesity, Presumptions and Facts

August 20, 2022 — Fast food and junk food are slippery and pejorative terms that many people equate with a risk of obesity. Most people – even people who routinely consume it – presume that fast food is not good for health. With the release of Super Size Me in 2004, we seemed to hit a peak in the […]

Will Urban Planning Put a Dent in Obesity?

December 31, 2016 — Urban sprawl is more than just a traffic problem, say urban planners. It’s a trigger for obesity and a hazard to human health. Certainly, many elements of sprawl are on the list of suspects that might be contributing to the obesity epidemic. Pollution, impediments to physical activity, social isolation, and stressful congestion are all factors. Urban Ventures President […]

Four Surprises in Crafting Healthy Neighborhoods

January 7, 2014 — Healthy neighborhoods represent an important goal for many obesity prevention efforts. Access to physical activity and healthy food options are important for good health. But efforts to re-engineer neighborhoods to promote health have a mixed track record. Recent research makes it increasingly clear that conventional wisdom about building healthy neighborhoods may be too simplistic to […]

Urban Sprawl = Fat City? Not So Fast

January 6, 2014 — Urban sprawl has repeatedly been linked to obesity, but the link to causation remains tenuous. An article of faith in obesity prevention is that the physical, built environment is a key tool for reversing the obesity epidemic. The Institute of Medicine captured this thinking in Strategy 1-1 of their landmark 2012 report, Accelerating Progress in […]