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Yes, the COVID-19 Vaccine Is Still Working Well

June 29, 2021 — “Translate for me, please. Is this paper saying vaccines don’t work as well for people with obesity?” This question came from a dear friend and the short answer is no. That’s not what this paper shows. The paper in question is a preprint – which means essentially that it is a draft report of research […]

Obesity and Coronavirus Infection Risk? Not So Fast

November 23, 2020 — For some time, it’s been clear enough that obesity increases the risk for severe symptoms with COVID-19. CDC warns that even mere overweight status might be a source of risk. But what about the risk of infection in the first place? Some studies suggest a link. However, we would advise caution in accepting that conclusion. […]

Keep Your Eye on the Evidence to Emotion Ratio

June 26, 2019 — Risk-benefit ratio is a term of art that most anyone in healthcare will know. It answers a very basic question. Does this thing offer more benefits than risks? The thing might be a drug, it might be a device, or it might be an operation. But what about some of the beliefs that drive health […]

Bias + Superstition = Measles in Disneyland

January 25, 2015 — “Measles in Disneyland” is a sufficiently jarring headline to make us wonder: how do we find ourselves here? Not so many years ago, CDC told us that measles had been eliminated from the U.S. What happened was a noxious mixture of superstition and bias that has led clusters of families — especially in California — […]